Info to Know

Initial Cleanings



Whether you are seeking a one time/intermittent cleaning, a move in or out cleaning or are setting up recurring maintenance cleanings, we may need to provide an initial deep cleaning in your space first. This often requires more time and ATTENTION. If you have dirt that has been sitting for a long period of time, it will take more time and elbow grease. We may need to use deeper cleaning tools and methods. Different homes collect different types and levels of dirt. Dust, mud and debris, along with pet hair, can build up over time and in layers. Your cleaning will require increased effort the more time has passed between cleanings. We maintain a high standard of cleaning. During this first cleaning, we would address the same surfaces (with the exception of any add ons of interior surfaces) that we would during recurring cleanings. If your space has been cleaned on a regular basis prior to our visit, or you have a newly constructed space, your cleaning may take less time. 

We can usually accomplish this within the first one to three recurring cleanings, depending on the frequency. However, if you’ve chosen to have your home cleaned on a monthly recurring basis, it may need a couple of initial cleans to get it up to maintenance level before we begin the initial monthly recurring clean. 

Recurring Cleanings


 Recurring cleanings are our most popular service. We build long term relationships with most of our clientele. We get to know our clients, their homes and their preferences. We create a profile customized to fit our clients’ needs and the specifics of each home. We have options for twice weekly, weekly, bi-weekly (every 2 weeks), every third week, and monthly (every 4 weeks). You would be assigned a regular team, and would not have anyone in your home that you’re not used to already. It is rare that we have to cancel on a client due to someone being sick, but it can happen on occasion.  

Intermittent Cleanings


 Intermittent cleaning are not cleanings that we complete on a scheduled basis, are not recurring, and therefore may not be at maintenance level, so they take more time and a lot more effort because they are aren’t being regularly, and meticulously maintained. These are offered on occasion, and are especially valuable before a special event, party, during vacations, and during the holiday seasons. 

These cleanings are offered as a special promotion, certain times of the year, and generally booked well in advance. 

Move In or Out Cleanings


 A move in or out cleaning is similar to an initial clean except with a lot of extras added in, for example, baseboards, inside of cabinets, walls, light switches, etc. Most clients choose to add interior surfaces, such as the inside of the fridge, oven, and blinds for this type of cleaning. Please let me know in advance of any extras we would need to complete for you, as move in or move out cleans are very time intensive, so we would need to allot more time. We work with new clients, existing clients and realtors to help make your move more efficient. Moving is hard enough and we take pride in taking on this task for you. 

Add On Projects


 We have the ability to customize all of your cleaning projects. We have a series of tasks that we do upon request, for your convenience. We highly recommend that you book add-on services separately so that we may add time for the service and effort required. Add-on cleaning services are typically requested by our clients who have a recurring or periodic appointment scheduled with us. Add-on services you can request (again, please let us know well in advance for extra time allotments as well as fee agreements). 

  • Baseboard scrubbing, scraping, and sanitizing
  • Changing of towels or sheets
  • Detailed hand dusting during maintenance cleanings (default method at initial cleaning)
  • Detailing light fixtures/ceiling fans/high up surfaces
  • Exterior surfaces and areas on property such as , walkways or garage (must be dry)
  • Inside of cupboards/drawers 
  • Inside of Oven
  • Inside of refrigerator/freezer
  • Inside of trash/recycling bins
  • Interior window cleaning
  • Ironing
  • Litter box care
  • Organization projects
  • Pet feeding
  • Scrubbing blinds/mini-blinds
  • Vacuuming under couch cushions
  • Vacuuming/mopping under and behind appliances and heavy furniture with low clearance
  • Wall washing
  • Wash, dry, fold and/or put away laundry
  • Window tracks
  • Blinds Washed

Picture Ready


 These cleans can range from an initial clean, intermittent clean, or an all inclusive move out clean with recurring maintenance cleanings scheduled until the home sells. This is all dependent on the time frame and schedules for everyone. 

Picture ready cleans are usually schedule intensive. Services for this clean might include heavy polishing of wood furniture, polishing all fixtures and faucets, and really shining the home in all areas to make it sparkle, top to bottom!

Privacy Policy

 Information shared, learned, or taken during the course of any transaction or meeting will never be shared or given to any others in any way, shape, form or fashion- Nope!!