What do you Charge?



  Every household is unique according to their living styles, the size of the space they inhabit, cleaning preferences, and the level in which the home is regularly used and maintained. For example, take two separate homes that are the exact same floor plan and imagine them in the same neighborhood. One family desires to have their home cleaned weekly, wants the dishes cleaned, has pets and a lot of animal hair, and does a good job of keeping their home picked up and organized. The 2nd home, where they do not have pets, but leave all of their belongings scattered and only want to contract for a monthly cleaning. The first home will be regularly maintained and kept clean, with dirt and hair at a minimum. The 2nd home will not be as maintained and it will take double the time to clean each time because it isn’t being maintained regularly. Each household is unique in pricing and each project is usually customized. We typically walk through your home with you, take notes of overall cleaning priorities, overall care expectations, and ask questions regarding how you want your home to be. After meeting with you and seeing your home, we send you a quote, get your authorization and add the initial cleaning start date and other recurring cleanings to our project calendar. 



Why not hourly rates?

 Our rates are based on the level of maintenance required, the frequency of your need (our twice weekly and weekly clients get a price break because we are providing a full time service), the square footage of the space being cleaned, and any extras or add-ons that are being requested or are necessary (distance and mileage, amount of pet hair, litter boxes, blinds, etc). Also, we are very good at what we do, and with a combined experience of well over twenty years, we are not only effective but we are fast. Pricing each project by the actual cleanable square footage, the frequency it is being maintained, and any extras that are unique is a fair approach. 



Customized Estimates

Having your home cleaned is a luxury service. It relieves stress, helps to prioritize and keep your home organized, neat, and clean. It also frees up your time as well as energy to spend more quality time with your loved ones. Coming home to a clean home truly is invaluable! With that being said, we also value long term relationships and really strive to have your budget and the cleaning service aligned for a win/win! We customize estimates everyday. Some homes work it out so that we are only cleaning their floors and bathrooms, some want weekly maintenance cleans with a deep clean also scheduled in every 3-4 months. It is all based on your needs, priorities, and budget.