Who We Are




We are a small local business that seeks to help and promote other small local business and our military community by employing military spouses. This company is veteran owned and operated in all aspects.




We are a MOM’s company helping other moms and families to have the income they need while supporting their important time with their children and families.




We enjoy getting to know our clients and knowing what specific things we can do that will help them the best.


Local Community

We love Colorado, we love our land, our mountains, and we want to keep the money here! We also strive to help others who've fallen onto hard times, whether by having a new baby or health concerns.


Knowledge is Power


The majority of our products are homemade, organic cleansers that are green for the environment, ecologically responsible and should not cause any ill effects for you or your pets. They are made using high-quality essential oils from a local company, Norwex, and other non-toxic, chemical-free ingredients. Let us show you our tips and tricks that we’ve learned along the way!




We do a great job, appreciate respect, and always respond and act with kindness. We choose to do this job to help serve as your household manager and keep your household running smoothly! We strive for long term relationships!